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CrossFit Amsterdam

Sportschool in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
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dinsdag 06:30-22:00
donderdag 06:30-22:00
maandag 06:30-21:30
vrijdag 06:30-19:30
woensdag 06:30-21:30
zaterdag 07:30-13:00
zondag 08:00-14:00

Karperweg 39, 1075 LB Amsterdam, Nederland


Luke Allen-Gale

An awesome gym. Classes in English and taught with care, attention and plenty of gusto. I dropped in from the UK on work and spent 3 very fulfilling months here. The training team are sharp, fun, full of drive, energy and ambition for all their members, new or old. A truly generous CrossFit community of individuals who warmly welcome you and a time I’ll personally cherish. I look forward to returning soon.
Armand Desarrierespays

I did not like the attitude of one the female coaches, don't recall her name but she does not know how to talk to people. Won't be going again, she clearly lacks manners.
Tihomir Ignatov (Tiho)

Good one, recommended!
Bernd Marquardt

Did two drop-ins while being on vacation in Amsterdam with my family. Spacious box with lots of equipment. People have been been very nice. Booking was easy. Very friendly trainers and community, enjoyed it pretty much
Robert Hoogeboom

I have been training here since 2014! Love the energy, atmosphere, community and coaches. Real tough WOD's and great specialty classes!
Barrie Hoster

Mooie box met leuke mensen en professionele coaches!
José Oliveira

Fiz um Drop-in, grande aula de crossfit
Sebastiaan Hartog

Mijn tweede huis. Mooiste box in Amsterdam en misschien wel Nederland. Goede coaches, mooie equipment en veel trainingsmogelijkheden. Met veel plezier fit worden? Kom naar CFA!
Mark Molina

No mirrors. 4/7 would recommend.
M Saydam

I drop-in every time I am in Amsterdam: excellent technique (i did my first HSPU there while dropping in....) amazing atmosphere (you feel at home the very first minute) and great venue
Parand Z

Great box and a lovely community!

I visited three CF boxes during my 10 day visit to Amsterdam and this was my favorite place! The people are really friendly and the gym is huge. The instructions were in English and the coach gave good advice. I would highly recommend this place!
Tal Moran

Great place to drop-in. Excellent coach, explains each exercise and makes sure we do the exercise properly. Love this place !!!
Arnold Shapiro

Large, busy, friendly box with competent coaches. Easy to book and find classes using the Mindbody online app on your phone, the WOD is posted on their website the night before the workout. I appreciated having generous space to park my bike, shower and change. The workout area is also very spacious and there is plenty of equipment. There are plenty of lockers at the entrance so your valuables are secure - bring your own lock. I did 5 WODs each of which consisted of a strength portion with weights and a 15-20 minute HIT session. The warmups are not a focus area in this box so it’s a good idea to get there early and warm up by yourself. I will definitely come back to this box when I’m in Amsterdam.
Frank Bauderer

Did a drop-in today and it was very cool. The box is huge with plenty of possibilities. Personal is friendly. Will be there soon again for sure.
Andy Chen

Friendly bunch of folks. Coach Perry is awesome and welcoming. Impressive box overall
Artyom Ipatenkov

The best crossfit box I have ever joined. Cool instructors, warm community and awesome WODs
Alessio Martucci

Posto fantastico! Completamente attrezzato rogue! Anche il personale non è male, lo consiglio assolutamente
Michiel Brankaert

Great box, awesome coaches. Go here for a solid workout.
Anna Sedolfsen

Great box and friendly staff. All equipment you’ll need to get in a good session
Marthijs Bos

Great box!! Just good people and good instructors!!
Walter Feder

Alle sind sehr nett und die Lage super!
Rishabh Agarwal

One of the best boxes I have ever been to. Great staff and great atmosphere
Ivan Kazandzhiev

I have visited the this box recently as a drop-in at the last training for the day. It has a lot of space and good equipment and also coach Perry was tireless in explaining and fixing our bad form and stressing on the important parts in the training. I totally recommend everyone that visits Amsterdam to go to Crossfit Amsterdam and his welcoming atmosphere!
James Trystan

Very good box, would like to visit again!
Deborah S

Awesome crossfit gym.
Sarah Clark

Spend a bit more than a week here - very nice gym, clean and organized. Good and friendly coaches and clients. Recommend for those visiting Amsterdam
Jay Rhodes

Dropped in with my wife May 2018. Great gym. Welcoming atmosphere, nice big clean space, well arranged.
Coaching was good.
Very old school CrossFit feel. The gym opened in 2009, the same year I started, and if you're from that era you can tell.
We are owners of CrossFit Outlaw North back in Canada and have dropped in at a lot of other gyms over the years. Top notch drop in experience- one of my faves.
Gregory Lespinasse

I made a drop in May 2018 in this beautiful box. a perfect layout, a top design, pro equipment and 2 coaches performing and listening. If I lived in Amsterdam, it would definitely be my sporting base. Looking forward !!
Rebecca Horwedel

Dropped in while visiting (they get like 50/week). Very welcoming community, great workouts
Dávid Dencinger

Friendly people, big space, no shop, small locker room, all equipments for CrossFit. Highly recommended.
Kamael Sugrim

They are not playing around here. Great workout! Did not like that it was outdoors though as it was-1 and freezing!
Mirjam Veenhof

Enthusiastic coaches! Cool box. Good preparation/explanation. Make sure you wear a sweater during the try out because we got sent outside, and I was not prepared for that clothes-wise in freezing cold... Also had a big bruise on my shoulder for 5 days because we had to run with a wooden log. Part of the fun heyho :') (so avoid try out if you have a wedding to shine on the next day).

Great box, great atmosphere and great community!!
Andreas Henrich

Very good CrossFit Box with lots of equipment! Did a drop-in there. The welcome of the coaches and other CrossFiters was very warm.
Phil Martin

Huge box, well equipped, coaches are brilliant.
CrossFit CKM Middelburg

CrossFit Weightlifting Course gevolgd! Locatie is top!
Niek TE

What a location there! Many large workout boxes with great equipment and weights.
Trainers are sublime
Allie Hooker

I dropped in here on vacation. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming! An awesome CrossFit community. I highly recommend it!
Terry Shaughnessy

My husband and I did a drop in to this box and were warmly welcomed by the members and coach. We had a great experience, challenging workout and ggod time. It's a very large facility with plenty of room and equipment for everyone. We will definitely go back next time we are in Amsterdam!
Shane Freedman

Great facility with super nice people.
Thanks for being so cool & welcoming.

Highly recommend you drop in whenever visiting Amsterdam.
Healthy Habits

I had a great workout at this box. Mark was a great coach and class made me feel very welcome. Thanks guys!!!!! I will definitely be back when I'm in town.
Floris Hoppenbrouwer

These guys know what Crossfit is! Not only do they have good knowledge of their training principle, but also a really really nice community. I always feel welcome when I'm there. When you're in town, you should definitely visit this amazing place!
And don't forget to take a group picture with the graffitiwall
Mark Molina

No mirrors. Love it.
Edith Bosch

If you are in Amsterdam and you want to do Crossfit this is THE place to be.
Meet some nice people, do a hard and fun workout together and get coached by a professional staff.
After the workout you will definitely get a wag tail from Buddy the box dog.
See you soon? :)

Edith Bosch
Member of the CFA community
Carel Kuijper

Een fantastische groep mensen onder leiding van een paar zeer bedreven coaches. Ze passen de workouts altijd zo aan dat ze voor iedereen uitdagend zijn. Voor mij de beste plek waar ik ooit gesport heb.
Andy Weers

Mijn tweede huis...

Crossfit is de perfecte sport om na een dag werken lekker uit te blazen. Crossfit Amsterdam vind ik de leukste box van Amsterdam. Het is een wat rauwere box dan de andere boxen waarbij van je wordt gevraagd dat je tijdens de WOD alles uit jezelf haalt wat erin zit. Dit natuurlijk onder goede begeleiding van ervaren coaches die veel aandacht aan techniek besteden en oog hebben voor de individuele capaciteiten en beperkingen van de atleten.

Kortom, goede box met een hechte community.
Jan Parlevliet

Top box met professionele en gedreven coaches en een te gekke community. Wil je smerig fit worden zonder jezelf in de kreukels te helpen en wil je dat het ook nog leuk is? Zoek niet verder en ga naar Crossfit Amsterdam. Hier word je, ongeacht je niveau of leeftijd vanaf de basis getraind in alle crossfit elementen en kan het niet anders of je vind je nieuwe zelf hier! In minder woorden: geweldig!!
Sjaak de Lijster

No explanation needed. Best box and most awesome Crossfit community in Amsterdam.
Professional coaches with loads of experience and a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Prepare to go hard!!
Jurjen van Boheemen

vanaf de dag dat ik bij Crossfit Amsterdam binnenliep heb ik mij daar enorm thuis gevoeld. De kennis van de coaches en enorme enthousiasme was en is een enorme motivatie om te blijven trainen en groeien in mijn fitheid.
het is duidelijk te zien aan alle elementen van de box en community dat de eigenaren een duidelijke visie hebben over waar de box was, is en heen gaat.
Ik hoop nog lang onderdeel uit te mogen blijven maken van deze mega community en enthousiaste crossfitters.

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